Is Amazon Secure? Is it worth buying Iphone 12?

My First product bought on

Is the Amazon website reliable and safe for shopping?

If you need to buy electronics, photographic equipment or even a cell phone (Iphone 12), see here why the store might be your best choice.

First of all, I want to point out here that this is a personal post and based on my shopping experience on Amazon. This is not a sponsored post, it is simply a suggestion and a report for those who have doubts about the safety of buying on the platform.

Although this blog has the main focus on travel, I usually talk a lot about shopping in various destinations I visit – especially with a focus on electronics, cell phones, cameras, lenses and photographic equipment in general.

Amazon é confiável e seguro? Vale a pena comprar eletrônicos?

In many cases, as you may know, it is much cheaper to buy this type of product outside Brazil. On my last trip to New York, I did a great research on prices and I’ve already published a comparison here on the blog in which it is possible to assess what is worth or not buying abroad.

Even knowing that we can save by buying some things on trips, we don’t always have this opportunity or we can’t wait, which leads us to look for good options to buy within Brazil.

It is also important to emphasize the fees you can pay when returning to Brazil and that you can leave your trip without prejudice. Because of this, it is always important to put on the scales or compensate to buy abroad or not – especially during a trip when you are going to use the product.

Cameras and drones, for example, usually have attractive prices outside Brazil, however, if it’s your first contact with the model you’re going to buy, you won’t have time to test and learn the features before the trip.

Voo de drone na Ilha de Páscoa, Chile | DJI Mavic PRO 2

When I bought my first drone, the Mavic PRO, I chose to buy it in Brazil exactly to practice and learn as much as possible before traveling – so I wouldn’t risk losing the material or doing something wrong during the trip.

Well, based on these points, I decided to make this post about Amazon because I really believe that it is, today, one of the best alternatives for you to buy electronics in United States.


Is Amazon Reliable? Is it safe to buy on the website?

Whenever we talk about shopping on the internet, the issue of safety and reliability of a website does have to be questioned. There are many fraudulent websites that can generate a lot of headaches, as well as very large financial losses.

Although my comments are focused on electronics, on the Amazon website you can find a multitude of categories and types of products: from items for the home, books, computers and many other options.

How does Amazon sales work and why is it trustworthy?

The first point you need to understand about Amazon is that it works in the United States as a marketplace: that is, it is a sales space where several partner stores can advertise their products.

Yes, exactly that: when you go to the Amazon website and search for a product, you can find several different prices as well as different delivery times.

Is it worth buying Iphone on Amazon?

Another product I’ve bought on Amazon was Apple’s iPhone. This item, if you have the opportunity, will be much cheaper on Amazon – I can’t deny it.

However, as I had a very broken cell phone, I needed to change my device before a trip. In this case, as it is a high-value product, I didn’t want to risk it on any site and chose to buy on Amazon. The purchase was perfect and the delivery super fast.

Iphone 12
Iphone 12
Comprar iPhone 11 PRO na Amazon
Comprar iPhone 11 PRO na Amazon


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